Primary School English
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2013 Inter-Link Language Centre (Pusat Bahasa Gabungan)


Primary School English

Our Primary School English courses are designed for children aged 7 to 12 years. It has been proved that children are the most receptive language-learners. We have designed this primary school English purposely to put your children on the path to success in their education and future careers.

Research has proved that children that start learning other language at early age have a greater chance to develop natural learning instinct with less inhibited and benefit greatly from early learning.

As a parent invest little on your child's educational now and have a pig payoff in the nearest future for the success the child will bring back to your family. We believe multi-lingual children have better advantage compare to their pears, on standardized tests, in college admissions, and mostly in their careers.
This course will help students to develop their four language skills in Listening, Speaking Reading and Writing. We will offer them a flexible and goal oriented course aimed to meet the needs of teenagers today.

All the grammar and vocabulary students study is based on Cambridge syllabus follow on the common European Framework 'can do' tasks. We will use course books and modern teaching material from internationally recognized Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press and Macmillan publishers to meet international standard.

Our competent teachers will monitor development, advantage and weaknesses of children since their first day of attendance and meeting between parents and teachers are arrange to improve and fulfill the children potentials whenever it necessary. In this course, children will learn to think and speak in English, regardless of their background and this will allow them to develop and enhance their critical thinking skills.

Our task-based teaching method ensures that students encounter language for the real world, using real-life scenarios - to be ready for everyday situations. This course will also support cultural enhancement, which will enable students to use the language in context, and plenty of group work, which gives students more opportunities to communicate with others in an enjoyable environment.

Class Size
· Maximum of 12 pupils in a class
· Limited numbers of pupils are available
· One to one is available on demand

Course Structure
· 3 hours of teaching in two different class in a day
· 1 time in a week preferable on Saturdays
· 12 hours in a month.
· 120 hours to complete one class in one year.

· Kids and Teens
· Junior English (7-12 years)

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