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In ILC, all our students will learn all the four basic skills of learning languages that is from hearing to talking and eyeing to handing which means our professional teachers with years of experience in teaching languages will help all our students to learn the new languages with ease by taking them to journey of Listening, speaking, reading and writing in a fun manner. We will not only build a very good foundation for our students but also give our student the building blocks to become first class students.

At ILC one of our goals is to help student become proficient in the uses English language or other languages they might have chosen to learn from our Centre. To achieve these goals we will help all our students to master all the four skills of languages that is why we have chosen interactive method of teaching. By doing these we will strive to help our students succeed in their chosen field by becoming effective English communicators or effective communicators in other language they have chosen to learn from us.

We have at the back of our mind that parents and students have worked hard for their earning and deserve to get quality and excellent outputs from us .That is why we are committed to this course and growth of our students in a very short while .Moreover, we have a strong desire for success and stay in this sector for long time to come hence to achieve all these, we know we have to maintain high standard, quality and excellent output.

ILC is a young, dynamic, enthusiasm, innovative and growing language Centre. We can see a brighter future in Malaysia and for all our students .we strongly believe education is one of the keys in this growth process , and we will work together to achieve greater height for our students and society, as I look forward to welcome you to Inter-Link Language Centre.

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2013 Inter-Link Language Centre (Pusat Bahasa Gabungan)


Message From Director

Congratulations! You are making the right choice in considering Inter-Link Language center as your English as a second language institution. It has been said that Success means having the courage, the determination, and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be. By chosen ILC, you have chosen a dynamic, innovative and stimulating ways of learning languages.

At ILC our professional teachers use the latest educational materials, tailored to your individual study needs. We adopt a interactive, communicative, task based approach to all of our language courses, allowing those that study with us to learn language with ease .Based on our experience, we believe people are the greatest resources, that is why we will dedicate all our attention to the best interest of our students, parents, staff and society around us.
Mr. Adekunle Saheed Steven

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