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Terms and Conditions for International Students
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Terms & Condition

1.  The student has read and understood the information provided about ILC and the program/s of their

2.  The student agrees to comply with the ILC Student Rules and all Institute policies relating to international
      students for the duration of their study.

3.  The student must meet all conditions outlined in the terms and condition, prior to the program

4.  The course offered is based on the number of hourís instruction. The Centre requested all students to
      attend all classes as scheduled. 

5.  Applicant holding three (3) months tourist or social visa has to apply with us two (2) months before the
      expiration date of their visa.

6.  There will be additional penalty charges of RM1,000 to RM1500 for applicant holding three(3) months
      tourist or social visa while additional of RM2,000 for  those applicants holding one(1) month
      social/tourist visa , as all applicants supposed to get approved my Malaysian Immigration before arrival .

7.  If application of those students holding social/tourist visa before apply to us are rejected by the
      governmental authorities, such as immigration or  Ministry of Education , ILC will not be hold
      responsible and will not refund any paid fees .

8.  For those students apply directly from their home country, ILC agrees to refund the tuition fee,  (less any
      administration and registration fees and in accordance with the Inter-Link Language Centreís refund
      policy) only if the student is refused the final visa application.

9.  Student cannot hold ILC responsible if student apply for six or one year visa and immigration chooses to
      grant a less term visa .

10. ILC will not be able to cancel student visa process once application has been submitted and registered
       with us.

11.  All student must register at least 7 days before commence of any term.

12.  All previous payments must be settled before the commencement of new term, failing to do so could
        result in student termination or late penalty charges of RM25 per day.

13.  All ILC's students must at least meet up to 90% class attendance to guaranty them renewal of their visa,
        any student fail to meet up with this standard without any genuine reasons, Immigration may revoke or
        cancel student visa without any notice to such student.

14.  Any student who has been absent for 2 months consecutively without any valid reason, will have
         his/her visa cancelled by ILC.

15.  ILC will not be hold responsible in the event a visa is rejected by Immigration or Ministry of Education
        either due to poor attendance or involvement of student in criminal activities in Malaysia .

16.  Student can be permitted to take one month leave provided such student has valid reason and must
        have attended classes for 3 months without absent prior to the leave .Student seeking a leave must put it
        in formal order via the principal for approval.

17.  ILC will not return part of tuition fees to any student wishes to apply for one month or less leave , the
        tuition fees will be forfeited

18.  ILC will not be hold responsible for any delays or interruptions in the visa processing by Immigration or
        Ministry of Education. In case of any complaints, disturbance or misbehavior by any student towards
        ILC staff regarding the governmental affairs, ILC hold the right to report such student's behavior to
        police and immigration to have such student visa canceled.

19.  All academic materials given to students are the intellectual property of the Centre and are given as
        consideration for students who have registered.

20.  The students shall be liable for all legal work incurred in breach of terms as well as be liable to indemnity
         the Centre for any loss or damages due to negligence or willful conduct.

21.  The registration shall continue a contract between you and the Centre and shall signify your consent to
         the incorporation to this notice terms of such contract.

22.  Anyone attending classes without fulfilling payment obligations or registering would be deemed a

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