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Pusat Bahasa Gabungan (Inter-Link Language Centre) was approved by the Ministry of Education in Malaysia (MOE) and founded with the aim of improving language instruction and providing courses of the highest degree. We realized there is high growing demand for quality English Language education in our society today hence ILC was established to meet these demand.

From the day of establishment , we have taken up the challenge of offering quality and excellent language education , and our excellent learning environment has speaks volumes of us .With over twenty years' experience by our executives and teachers , ILC has capable hands that will help our students achieve a positive output within a very short term .

If you are a beginner or an advanced user of the English language, we can always tailor a course to meet your specific demand .Remember that ILC also cater for other languages courses such as Mandarin, Malay and as time goes on, we have planned to bring other more languages to your fingertips .Our system is an interactive system which students will be able to communicate with one another and society in a short period of time.

By Choosing ILC you will study from listening to speaking and reading to writing up to advanced courses. You would be able to appreciate new language and life style as you enjoy your stay in Malaysia. ILC strives to improve the language skills through quality , excellent, innovative , and technical ways of learning .We intend to provide high quality English language education and to keep up with the latest teaching methods supported by the very best teaching resources available.

We are committed to our student's achievement and one of our objectives is to produce the best possible outcomes within a very short time. We look to assist our students with their learning of the English Language and other languages we offer, in every way that we can so that our student can achieve a high level of proficiency in their command and understanding of languages.

We use only the best materials available. We will continually endeavor improve our courses. Moreover, we use the latest teaching methods involving students themselves in the learning process. Our methods are interactive with the teacher encouraging students to actively participate in classroom activities. Our approach is relational: connecting a given task to a common everyday situation.

We provide you with effective, interactive English language or other language lessons. We give a guarantee on our teaching, if you have a good reason why you think that the lesson was not worth your money we will not charge you for that lesson. English is used everywhere these days, from television to music and work. Being able to understand and interact with foreigners is a skill that can have huge benefits.

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