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· What is ILC

ILC is Inter-Link Language Centre

· What are the requirements to study at ILC?

There is no any complicated requirements to study at ILC, student only need to seat for our placement test, just to ensure that student is place at the appropriate level of study. This placement test is nothing but only to determine the level the student will commence his/her studies from.

· How this placement test works

The placement test at ILC is a computer or paper-assisted testing program that consists of different skills of language. How long the test will last depends largely on your English proficiency level.

· Does ILC provide school-bus service?

Please consult with ILC reception for this request and further details.

· How long to study at ILC

Depend largely on the course you chosen and the level at which you entered that course. After the placement text is taken then we can tell how long you will study with us

· When to start class at ILC

After the placement text a class can arrange for the student immediately sometime depend when the student choice to start.

For any further enquiry please do contact us through the details written below and shall be delighted to attend to all your queries.

Pusat Bahasa Gabungan
Inter-Link Language Centre
N0 3-1 & 3-2 Jalan SL 1/12,
Bandar Sg Long , Kajang,
Selangor , Malaysia.
Tel: +603 9010 3233
Fax : +603 2178 4991
Email: info@inter-link.edu.my

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